Viking Liquor Reedsburg

Sauk County’s Largest Liquor Store

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Since our doors opened back in 2005, Viking Liquor has become well known for having an amazingly large selection to choose from at affordable prices.

Wide aisles inside our large store and easy parking along with a friendly staff ready to assist, ensure a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience. Find out why so many travel from all over to shop with us.

Viking Liquor Store Reedsburg


“Impressive” is a word often used to describe our diverse selection of over 600 different beers. our huge assortment of over 600 different beers.


You’re likely to find something new every time you shop. We take pride in being the kind of store you can count on to find what’s in trend.


Serious wine lovers as well as newbie’s will enjoy our wide assortment from local wineries to large brand selections cover most any price range.

Need a last minute gift? We can help you create a gift for any occasion. Our gift bags, tissue, and greeting cards mean no other stops needed!

If you’re not sure, or want to let them choose, a Viking Gift Card is a smart choice.

“FOLLOW US” on Facebook for fun drink recipes, party ideas, just arrived items, and find out when our next sampling events are scheduled.

SAMPLINGS are a really nice way to try new items and meet new people. They’re also a wonderful opportunity to have questions answered directly by the beverage or food representative, get new drink ideas and some helpful tips.

Viking Liquor Store Timeline

About Viking Village Inc.

Bill Pierce and his wife, Phyllis and their two children, Pam and Brian started the first Viking stores back in 1975. Their retail grocery store has become a tradition to the communities they serve.

Generations of shoppers have grown up with a great shopping experience, excellent customer service, and the highest quality of meat, produce and fresh food. Our customers also trust that we are dedicated to the communities which we serve, to help make them better places to live. Last year alone, the Viking operations donated over $40,000 to support groups, organizations, public service programs and more.

Many of our employees are from families that have worked with Viking for generations. Employees stay with our company because they feel a sense of pride and ownership in the stores. We teach our employees…whatever you are…BE A GOOD ONE and ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST!

We Make a Difference!

Through the years, despite all the changes, Viking still follows their unwavering commitment to take care of the customer and employee. As we continue to grow, we always ask, “What makes sense and works for our customers, because that is what we do.”

Our saying is always…Winners Lead…they do not follow, and that is what we keep in mind when planning promotions and sales.

Coupon Policy
Viking Village Inc.

  • We honor valid in-ad, traditional, internet coupons, and text messaging coupons
  • We follow start and end expiration dates on all coupons
  • We accept coupons for products purchased according to the vendor requirements on the coupons, example: purchase requirements
  • We honor only store-specific coupons for our store only
  • We do not honor coupons that have more than 75% value of the product
  • We do not honor FREE or expired internet coupons
  • We do not double coupons