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We carry all the domestic and imports you could ask for, but what sets us apart is our huge craft brew section. Wisconsin is historically know for it’s ability to create great beer. That tradition holds true even today with local micro breweries creating small batch recipes that are worth experiencing.

Viking Liquor is known for being the place to find a smorgasbord of brews. If we don’t carry it, let us know the item you are looking for and we will look into getting it for you.

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Styles of Beer

AMERICAN LAGERS: Adjunct Lager, Amber/Red Lager, Double/Imperial Pilsner, Malt Liquor, Pale Lager, California Common/Steam Beer, Light Lager, Low Alcohol Beer

CZECH LAGERS: Czech Pilsener

EUROPEAN LAGERS: Euro Dark Lager, Euro Pale Lager, Euro Strong Lager

GERMAN LAGERS: Bock, Doppelbock, Dortmunder/Export Lager, Eisbock, German Pilsener, Kellerbier/Zwickelbier, Maibock/Helles Bock, Märzen/Oktoberfest, Munich Dunkel Lager, Munich Helles Lager, Rauchbier, Schwarzbier, Vienna Lager

JAPANESE LAGERS: Happoshu, Japanese Rice Lager

AMERICAN ALES: Amber/Red Ale, Barleywine, Black Ale, Blonde Ale, Brown Ale, Dark Wheat Ale, Double/Imperial IPA. Double/Imperial Stout, IPA, Pale Ale (APA), Pale Wheat Ale, Porter, Stout, Strong Ale, Wild Ale, Black & Tan, Chile Beer, Cream Ale, Pumpkin Ale, Rye Beer, Wheatwine

BELGIAN/FRENCH ALES: Belgian Dark Ale, Belgian IPA, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Strong Dark Ale, Belgian Strong Pale Ale, Bière de Champagne/Bière Brut, Bière de Garde, Dubbel, Faro, Flanders Oud Bruin, Flanders Red Ale, Gueuze, Lambic-Fruit, Lambic-Unblended, Quadrupel (Quad), Saison/Farmhouse Ale, Tripel, Witbier

ENGLISH ALES: Baltic Porter, Braggot, English Barleywine, English Bitter, English Brown Ale, English Dark Mild Ale, English India Pale Ale (IPA), English Pale Ale, English Pale Mild Ale, English Porter, English Stout, English Strong Ale,, Extra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB), Foreign/Export Stout, Milk/Sweet Stout, Oatmeal Stout, Old Ale, Russian Imperial Stout, Winter Warmer


GERMAN ALES: Altbier, Berliner Weissbier, Dunkelweizen, Gose, Hefeweizen, Kölsch, Kristalweizen, Roggenbier, Weizenbock

IRISH ALES: Irish Dry Stout, Irish Red Ale